Donna & Steve Fowell
Proprietor & Owners at
Paradise Luxury Dog Retreat
  • Level 2 Animal Reiki Certificate
  • Canine First Aid Certificate
  • Canine Psychology
  • Dog Grooming
  • Experienced dog handler
  • 25+ years Breeding/showing dogs

Hello, my name is Donna Fowell and along with my husband Steve, I am the proprietor and owner of Paradise Luxury Dog Retreat.

We have 4 beautiful dogs of our own, three Rottweilers and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We also have 2 cats! All of our own animals live in the house with us. It gets a little manic sometimes, however, we love the energy and enjoyment they bring to our family.

I have been breeding dogs and showing for around 25 years now and dogs have always been a massive part of my life… I adore them and their unwavering love and loyalty.

The knowledge I have gained throughout my many years as a breeder, and from being part of a wide network of breeders and dog handlers, has always stood me in good stead with all breeds. I have a close working relationship with my local vet and dog training classes. I always endeavour to increase my knowledge and qualifications in the dog world which includes Canine First Aid and I have achieved Level 2 Animal Reiki. I am presently studying Canine Psychology.

I am due to embark on a dog grooming course in the near future as a next step forward. I pride myself on being a calm, collected and assertive dog handler who always draws the best from my hardworking show dogs.

My husband Steve now works with me here at Paradise Luxury Dog Retreat full time. He is also the creator of our home-made gourmet range of dog treats, biscuits and cakes which we pride ourselves on using the best and healthiest human edible ingredients. We also have two daughters and four grandchildren who are all animal lovers just like us.

At Paradise Luxury Dog Retreat we have created what we believe to be the absolute perfect solution for those people who adore their canine best friends and want them to have the absolute best time at doggy day-care.

Having had an experience of an unpleasant day-care company for one of my dogs many years ago, it had been my dream for some time to create everything I wanted in a place for my dogs to go to for socialisation. So, we did it. You can rest assured that when your dog comes to stay with us, he or she will be treated with all of the love and care that we show to our own dogs. Fun, kisses and cuddles come as standard with us… and there is ALWAYS plenty to go around.